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Fow-JBX04   Kihei Platoon    15.21 €
includes a Kihei Platoon (Cavalry Platoon) and Kihei Chutai HQ (Cavalry Company Headquarters) with four Cavarly MG teams, a Command Cavalry Sword team, a 2iC Cavalry Command Sword team and a Company Command Cavalry Sword team. Options to field Banners or Regimental Standard included.   A Kehei (Cavalry) Platoon is small but it does have a Type 96 light machine-gun in each cavalry squad, giving them considerable firepower for a unit of its size. Their duties would normally consist of advancing ahead of the division to discover the enemy’s disposition. After the destruction of their fellow reconnaissance regiment, the Azuma Detachment, the cavalry men of the Ioki Detachment found themselves in defensive positions.
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