Cromwell Armoured Platoon von Battlefront im Onlineshop unter Flames of War

Fow-bbx12   Cromwell Armoured Platoon    27.50 €
The box comes with four individually sculpted Cromwell IV tanks and a Sherman Firefly VC. This gives you an extra Cromwell IV to go towards you Squadron HQ. Two boxes will get you two Armoured Platoon and you two HQ tanks. If you go for three of four Armoured Platoon the extra tanks can be used for the Cromwell CS tank in the HQ. The Cromwell CS OQF 95mm howitzer is also supplied in box for one tank to allow this option.   The Cromwell IV is Fully-tracked and has armour front 6, side 4 and top 1. It is armed with a Co-ax MG, Hull MG and OQF 75mm gun. As a Light tank it can move 16”/40cm cross-country. It has Protected ammo giving it a re-roll to un-bail and a Tow hook, so it can tow 6pdr and 17pdr guns if required. The OQF 75mm gun has a Range of 32”/80cm, ROF 2, Anti-tank 10 and FP 3+. It can fire Semi-indirect fire at target at long range and also has a Smoke round.
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