37mm wz. 36 gun von Battlefront im Onlineshop unter Flames of War

Fow-pl510   37mm wz. 36 gun    11.12 €
Contains three 37mm wz. 36 guns with crew & one Command Rifle team. Each Dywizja Piechoty, or infantry division, has 27 anti-tank guns with a company of nine guns in each regiment. The anti-tank companies are equipped with the excellent little Bofors 37mm wz. 36 anti-tank gun. The first 300 of these highly-capable guns were imported from Sweden, while the remaining 900 on hand were built under licence in Poland. A platoon or two of these guns attached to your battalion are your main anti-tank asset. Do not waste them in head-to-head battles against the German Panzers. The tanks have the mobility to mass all of their firepower against a single platoon of guns, wiping them out before they can destroy more than one or two tanks.    
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