M3 37mm gun von Battlefront im Onlineshop unter Flames of War

Fow-us500   M3 37mm gun    6.73 €
The 37mm anti tank gun has a very low profile making it easy to conceal when ambushing tanks. Excellent against German half-tracks - Pack contains 2 Large Bases, 2 Anti-Tank Guns, 8 Crew figures and command stand. During the Spanish Civil War, light anti-tank guns such as the German Pak 36 proved successful in neutralising the threat posed by tanks. Seeing the value of such a weapon, the Ordnance Committee begun the development of the M3 based on these concepts. The resulting weapon was first issued to US Armed Forces in 1940 and the M3 37mm become the first gun in US service dedicated to an anti-tank role.   The M3 provides an effective defence against light tanks and halftracks with its high rate of fire. ROF 3; Anti-tank 7; Firepower 4+ While its Gun Shield is able to protect the crew from small arms fire.
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